Digital Strategy

It Starts with a vision-followed by smart planning.
    At BRAND AGENT, strategy comes first. It’s how we know what we’re out to achieve, how we intend to get there, when to change course, and why it’s all worth it. As part of our strategy work, we typically:

  • Review your past practices and experiences
  • Identify best-bet channels and markets to pursue
  • Conduct research and provide education when needed
  • Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to help you determine return on investment (ROI) every step of the way

Web Design and Development

For best results, represent yourself beautifully and efficiently.

At BRAND AGENT, we design ecommerce websites and apps in accordance with best practice and an enhanced user experience that drives the customer through the sales funnel.

  • We work with both open-source technologies as well as custom platforms and we teach our clients to use them. We have experience
    building successful online storefronts of every size. We will help you determine the best platform for you–or, if you’re already selling
    online, how to optimize your current ecommerce store.
  • Some of the Commerce platforms we’ve worked with are: Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and custom platforms
  • Responsive design
  • Front-end development: HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, etc.
  • Back-end development: PHP, SQL, Python, Ruby, etc.

Online Marketing

We identify the most impactful channels and build integrated, results-driven campaigns.


Tweet, post, pin, rinse, and repeat.
    We find social media to be especially perplexing to creative entrepreneurs. Some don’t know where (or with what networks) to start. Others are already quite active and popular on some of the larger networks, but don’t have any idea whether or not it’s impacting sales. At Brand Agent, we take a comprehensive and integrated approach:

  • First, we help you determine which social networks are best for you–and how to best populate them with engaging original content.
  • Second, we help you obtain new friends, followers, etc–the inspire them to become customers and/or advocates for your brand.
  • Third, we help you manage your online reputation, everything from distributing press releases to managing negative comments and false reviews.
  • Fourth, if you wish, we can teach you to manage and maintain your own social media.


It’s still here. (And it still works.)
    Maximize the potential of one of your most important–and under-utilized–assets: Your email lists! At BRAND AGENT, we think of email as ignored and forgotten too soon. It still deepens intimacy and engagement in addition to offering fans and customers more direct, less noisy, ways to stay in touch. Some of our favorite ways to optimize email campaigns include:

  • Testing subject lines, ultimately maximizing open rates.
  • Creating responsive, interactive, multimedia templates that engage and excite.
  • Delivering various automated messages based upon engagement via digital, mobile, even in-store.


Louder buzz…better rankings…higher profits.
    Of all the ways that customers can find you, search is perhaps the most simple… the most direct…and the most challenging to manage to your advantage. At BRAND AGENT, we recognize that, as a discipline, search is changing. And we’re there to help you navigate that change. That’s on top of classic offerings like:

  • Writing measurably brilliant ad and result copy, thereby reducing your dead leads.
  • Helping you leverage natural, existing demand for (or at least interest in) what you sell.
  • Making sure you only pay for click-throughs that actually matter. Specify who you want to greet by geography, day of week, time of day, keywords, etc.

Performance Optimization

Optimize. Convert. Grow

At BRAND AGENT, we will analyze your current ecommerce website to improve the performance of your existing marketing efforts through disciplined optimization. We leverage your analytics to lift conversion rates, leading to more customers, sign-ups and users. Through A/B testing, BRAND AGENT will optimize the performance of your landing pages and website. We identify weak spots in your customer acquisition funnels and provide solutions that will enhance customer experience.