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Ultra-efficient, easy to work with, and responsible about returns on investment.
We’re known for our ability to build not just brands but businesses.
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Digital Strategy

At BRAND AGENT, strategy comes first. It’s how we know what we’re out to achieve, how we intend to get there, when to change course, and why it’s all worth it.

web design & development

At BRAND AGENT, we design ecommerce websites and apps in accordance with best practice and an enhanced user experience that drives the customer through the sales funnel. We will help you define you audience and set you up with all the ammunition you need to bring your online business to market.

Online Marketing

At BRAND AGENT, we deliver a full spectrum of online marketing services. We identify the most impactful channels and build integrated, results-driven campaigns that are aligned with your company’s growth objectives and goals.

Performance Optimization

At BRAND AGENT, we will analyze your current ecommerce website to improve the performance of your existing marketing efforts through disciplined optimization. We leverage your analytics to lift conversion rates, leading to more customers, sign-ups and users.



Ultra-efficient, easy to work with, and responsible about returns on investment, we’re known for our ability to build not just brands, but businesses. We offer a complete portfolio of services encompassing strategy, creativity, and technology. To the small- to mid-sized companies that hire us, we’re more than a one-note, one-shot, one-time service provider. In fact, for most clients, we operate rather like an in-house marketing department, taking on their challenges as our own, then channeling our successes back into their bottom lines. Think the solution to your digital-marketing needs is to do it yourself—or perhaps to do nothing at all? It’s not.
Grow your business with BRAND AGENT—instead.
Danielle Harroch
Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Hello! My name is Danielle. I’m the founder and director of BRAND AGENT. My job is to design, develop, and deliver mobile and digital strategies. I like to focus upon “my people”–creative entrepreneurs and small-business owners who value excellence, efficiency, and (above all else) effectiveness.

Before launching BRAND AGENT, I created, directed, and managed Sparkplug Communications (which specialized in public relations and marketing) and (an online destination for all things love).

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, I worked as a senior-level account and producer positions, mostly at large digital marketing-communication agencies in New York City. Over the course of a decade or so, I was fortunate to experience (and contribute to the successes of) big award winning brands such as Evian, Pfizer, Unilever, L’Oreal Paris, Louis Vuitton, Benefit Cosmetics, and Temptu Cosmetics.

David Gross
Chief Customer Acquisition & Analytics Officer

Hello! My name is David. I’m a driven business development professional with a passion for online customer acquisition. I deeply understand the nuanced mechanics of executing successful marketing campaigns.

I have a healthy obsession with performance optimization, so you will often find me running split tests and analyzing metrics. I possess a full range of skills that give me the capability to conceptualize and strategically execute multi-channel marketing campaigns. I excel in driving clients acquisition costs down without impacting brand integrity.


“I turned to BRAND AGENT, for digital strategy and their online marketing expertise. Within weeks, stuff started happening. DANIELLE and her team created a brand voice, homepage design & an optimization & social media strategy for my brand. They’re responsive. They’re effective. They’re creative. And everyone on the team genuinely understands and appreciates my brand.”

Beth Wittig, Creative Director, Slater Zorn

“I came to BRAND AGENT because I wanted to expand my Jewelry business online. DANIELLE proved herself to be a brilliant and creative online marketer, helping me better understand the digital world. She designed & developed our ecommerce website and developed a comprehensive online marketing strategy for us . I LOVE working with her– and I recommend  her wholeheartedly!”

Joan Goodman, Founder & Designer, PONO Jewelry

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