How to Craft a Top-Notch Company Blog
September 16, 2015 6:34 pm 3


In today’s digital age, blogging is not a buzzword; it’s a vital marketing asset for any business to create a public personae that resonates with its customers, both current and potential. After you make a commitment to a consistent company blog, where do you go from there? This isn’t a venture you want to embark on blindly, but it also shouldn’t be intimidating. While a “perfect” blog post doesn’t exist, there are elements you can implement to make your efforts successful. Before you begin writing, let’s discuss a few ways to help you craft a stellar business blog.

Set Clear Goals

You might be bursting at the seams with ideas, but before you begin typing, set clears goals for each blog concept. What are you trying to convey to your audience? Do you want to teach them something new? Connect on an emotional level? Or get them to think about a problem or issue differently? When you have clearly defined goals in place, you make it much easier for your blog to ultimately achieve them.

Create a Schedule


Editorial calendar

Consistency is key. By planning your blog topics out in advance, you have the opportunity to effectively flesh out concepts and ensure they are time and date sensitive. You can always tweak the schedule as needed, but consistency will help maximize your content and your message.

Develop Your Voice

Now that you’ve administered the logistics, we’re on to the exciting part — the written word! Each blog post will discuss a different topic, but should always align with your personal voice. Readers will come to recognize your individual style, and will keep coming back because they feel a connection with you.

The Content

There’s no systemized way to structure a blog, and half the fun is the full creative freedom you’re given. However, most compelling blog posts will contain the following elements:

Blog Post Structure-5.png

Be Authentic

Don’t be concerned with whether or not you have stellar writing chops. You don’t need to be an award-winning journalist to produce five-star content that strikes a chord with your readers. Just be authentic. Consumers are bombarded with media almost every minute of the day, and can easily spot when someone is phony or heavily product-pushing. Remember blog posts are not press releases; they are personable messages to your readers that offer something of value.